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Hello Dental is modern and well equipped with the latest dental technology to make your experience here exceptional.

Drs. Cho and Kang invest in new technology in order to provide treatment that is precise, effective, and comfortable. You'll notice that we add state-of-the-art equipment to our office periodically, and here's some of what you'll find currently.

Digital X-Rays

At Hello Dental, we've chosen to use digital x-rays because of the many benefits they offer to our doctors, patients, and the environment.

For our doctors, they offer a clearer image that is readily available to discuss with patients. This means more accurate diagnosis and early detection of many dental issues for our patients, which helps to maintain their oral health with less invasive treatment procedures.

For our patients, digital x-rays emit 85% less radiation. They're also convenient for us to share with other providers if necessary.

Because there are no harsh chemicals required for development, they're also safer for the environment.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontic tools allow us to perform root canal therapy in a much more efficient manner. These tools are designed to conform to the shape of your canal, which is more comfortable for the patient and more accurate for our doctors. Root canal therapy takes less time using rotary endodontics, which mean you're back on the path to wellness faster.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera is an invaluable tool we use to take pictures of your teeth and the inside of your mouth. It displays full color images on the television screens in our treatment rooms so you can see what Dr. Cho and Dr. Kang are seeing. When we can show you exactly what's going on in your mouth, you can understand why treatment may be necessary and make educated decisions about the procedures that are right for your needs.