Children's Dentistry in Princeton TX

At Hello Dental, we know that it’s more convenient for you if the entire family can see the same dental provider, so we strive to create an environment where each family member can feel comfortable!

We also understand that taking your child to the dentist might sometimes feel stressful, and it’s important to ensure that your child has a good experience to set the foundation for successful future appointments. That’s why you’ll find a child-friendly environment at Hello Dental, with additional services for children.

Preventative Care for Your Child

Just like their parents, children should visit the dentist every six months, and Dr. Cho and Dr. Kang recommend that you bring your child in for their first appointment around their first birthday, or six months after their first tooth erupts. Early visits with your child allow us to begin building a relationship with them and help them acclimate to our office.

We take our time getting to know your child, and we’ll never perform any procedure before they’re completely comfortable. Their first few visits will be spent riding in the big chair and counting their teeth, which gives us the opportunity to make you aware of any developmental concerns as early as possible. Early detection of dental issues typically allows for less invasive treatment procedures.

Additional Services for Children

As your child gets older, we’ll incorporate cleanings into their routine visits, and we may recommend additional services such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants for them. Fluoride is a mineral that helps build and develop their teeth, while dental sealants are a thin coating that protects the chewing surfaces of their teeth against tooth decay and cavities.

Children who participate in sports will benefit from protective wear. Did you know that 40% of dental emergencies are sports related? Dr. Cho and Dr. Kang can recommend the right mouth guard for your child, and we can even fabricate it here in our office. Customized mouth guards offer better protection than the generic guards found at your local sporting goods store.

Hello Dental Welcomes Children

We want your child to have fun at their dental appointments and even look forward to seeing us! We’ve customized our waiting area with theater capabilities and video games so children will enjoy themselves while they wait to be seen. There are also televisions in all of our treatment rooms so they can relax and watch their favorite program during their appointment.

We understand that most kids are busy with school and extracurricular activities, so we offer convenient evening and Saturday appointments designed to accommodate their schedules.

We look forward to building a relationship with your entire family, and we know you’ll love the differences you notice at Hello Dental. Give us a call today to schedule your child’s next appointment.